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Call for Staff

The editors warmly invite doctoral students from across the GTU consortium (Ph.D., Th.D., and S.T.D.) to join the journal staff.  We also welcome faculty and graduate students from the GTU consortium and academic communities around the Bay Area to join the peer-review editorial board as peer-reviewers!

The following voluntary positions are open (# openings).  See the Basic Descriptions for details.

  • Department Editors
    • Theology and Ethics
    • Sacred Texts and their Interpretation
    • Religion and Practice 
    • Historical and Cultural Studies of Religion

Basic Description: Department Editors basically receive submissions from the Editor-in-Chief or Managing Editor and assign each submission to two peer-reviewers.  Those interested in this position should be affiliated with the departments in question. This position is open only to current doctoral students of the GTU (Ph.D. Th.D., S.T.D.)

  • Peer-Reviewers

> The Journal has particular need for peer-reviewers specializing in all subjects in Sacred Texts, Religion and Practice, as well as specialists in philosophical theology, comparative theology, and theology & science, especially Islamic and Dharmic theologies.

Basic Description:  Peer-Reviewers receive up to two submissions a year from the Department Editor.  They read submissions and offer recommendations to the editors as to whether the submissions should be published in the upcoming volume.  This position is open to all interested scholars, including faculty and graduate students from outside of the GTU community.

Unless specified, please note that these are not paid positions.  To register your interest for these positions or to ask questions regarding these positions, please e-mail the managing editors at bjrt@ses.gtu.edu identifying the position you are interested in.  Please include your full name, contact, and department in your e-mail, as well as your subjects of expertise and interests.

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