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We thank you for your interest in submitting your work for the BJRT and look forward to reading your submission!  In order to ensure fairness in evaluating articles for inclusion into the next issue of the BJRT, the journal has adopted instructions and a style guide.

We request that all prospective authors follow the instructions and style. The editors reserve the right to return submissions that do not conform to the Instructions and Style Guide.

All necessary information should be available in the documents accessible in the links to the right.  If there are problems with the documents or if there are any questions pertaining to the suitability of your article for the BJRT or any similar inquiries, please use the form below or e-mail the editors.

Instructions and Style Guide
Journal Departments

NEXT ISSUE: WSR Special Issue

All journal articles for this volume must be received by the editors by:

The End of March

For more details or for any questions regarding your submission, contact the managing editor by email address bjrt@ses.gtu.edu

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